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Accelerate your Clinical Trials

Dokumeds is your guide through the clinical development journey towards the market, in Europe and beyond: transparent budgets, cost-effective solutions and accelerated timelines.
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Accelerate your Trials with Efficient Enrolment

Did you know that over 80% of clinical trials are delayed due to patient enrolment problems? Or that delays can cost up to $8 million per day? 

Speed up patient enrolment

  • Relax in the knowledge that patient enrolment is in hand with our 98% on-time enrolment score.
  • We have years of experience selecting the right sites and building relationships. This means that you’ll get easy access to a large patient pool.
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Stay on budget

Our predictable and transparent costs allow you to keep control of your budget. You’ll also benefit from our high-quality feasibility processes which eliminate additional costs arising. 

Start up experts

  • Our dedicated specialists will help ensure your trial's early stages run quickly and seamlessly.
  • Thanks to our streamlined procedures and in-house knowledge, we have successfully reduced average start-up period by 25 weeks.


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Why choose Dokumeds for your clinical trial

Feasibility Expertise

Our feasibility studies are incredibly thorough. We evaluate local healthcare systems, regulatory requirements, site locations, expertise and capabilities to ensure the perfect match for a seamless trial.

Qualified and Stable team

Dokumeds has formed a strong team with decades of experience in industry.  Our exceptionally high industry retention rate is evidence of our shared commitment to Dokumeds' mission.

Enrolment Experts

Our clinical, feasibility and enrolment teams work closely with sites and sponsors to find tailored solutions and ensure that recruitment deliverables are met on time.

Our therapeutic expertise

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With years of experience across a wide range of oncology indications, we know exactly how to speed up trials.
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Infectious Diseases

The last year has emphasised the ultimate importance of efficient infectious disease research. Dokumeds has been supporting this for over two decades.
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Rare Diseases

Dokumeds have years of experience in recruiting hard to find patients for trials with challenging protocols.
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CNS Diseases

Dokumeds have been working in psychiatry, neurology and pain research for many years. From Alzheimer’s disease to depression, we deliver precise support to a wide range of trials. 
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Specialising in diabetes and diabetic complications research, Dokumeds have worked for many years on clinical trials aiming to bring more efficient treatments for this complex disease.
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Discover how Dokumeds helps pharma & biotech companies to:

  • Speed up clinical trials to get the product to market faster
  • Ensure operational excellence & trial quality
  • Take advantage of emerging markets for trials
  • Shorten patient recruitment and enrolment time
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