Simplify your Supply & Logistics Management

We streamline clinical supply and logistics management, focusing on each and every detail so that your trial runs smoothly.
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Clinical Supply & Logistics Management

At Dokumeds, we understand that the success of a trial hinges on a number of key elements being in place. We know the importance of getting the right supplies to the right people at the right moment. We also know how to spot and prevent issues before they even arise. 

We carefully choose leading providers worldwide to perform import, storage and distribution of Investigational Medicinal Products and other supplies under Dokumeds oversight.

Dokumeds also has its own depot located in Moscow. In operation since 2009, the depot provides an efficient and highly effective service for ambient and cold chain products. Our high level of expertise ensures high quality end-to-end management.

We treat every project with the precision it deserves, using a unique approach in each case.
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With Dokumeds, you will...

  • Get ahead by partnering with a company you can trust
  • Streamline your entire supply and logistics management process
  • Relax with our high levels of communication and transparency

Dokumeds depot experience in Russia covers a wide range of services and conditions:

  • Importation, storage and logistics of medical products and other materials for clinical studies– (investigational and non-investigational medical products, laboratory kits, nutrition products, medical devices and equipment)
  • Obtaining import and export license for investigational product, biological materials
  • Assistance with customs clearance
  • Cold and ambient temperature storage of medical products and other materials
  • Distribution of medical products and other materials to sites
  • Relocation of medical products and other materials from site-to-site under controlled conditions
  • Recall of investigational product
  • Local purchase of non-investigational medical products and other trial materials
  • Re-labeling of investigational products and additional labelling of non-investigational medical products
  • Collection, storage of returns, final reconciliation and management of destruction of medical products and other materials
  • Equipment rent for clinical studies
  • Well-established collaboration with local customs brokers and courier companies
  • Highest quality standards, according to certification under GDP, ISO 9001: 2015, and GOST ISO 9001-2015

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