Understanding the Supply Chain and Customs Regulations in Russia

Importing and exporting supplies for a clinical trial in Russia poses unique challenges. Learn how to handle them here.

“This E-Book is a unique guide summarizing all main considerations to take into account when setting up a clinical trial in Russia. It combines a description of regulatory requirements and practical tips on how to efficiently manage the supply chain and ensure timely import and delivery to sites.”
Zane Zalite, Warehouse Responsible Person
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Clinical trials in Russia can take advantage of its extensive patient pool and a well-developed healthcare system. In order to hold a trial in Russia, your logistics team will need to:

Know the applicable requirements and customs procedures
Be ready to transport supplies across a vast territory
Determine what to import and what to source locally

Our E-book Will Provide You with In-depth Information on:

Basic logistics considerations

Several factors determine the way freight procedures are handled in Russia. We’ll explain which ones.

Customs and duties

Anything you import into Russia will have to go through customs. We’ll show you how to handle this process.

Special licenses for IMPs and Biosamples

Investigational medicinal products and biosamples are subject to additional permits. We’ll describe how to obtain them.

Transport of temperature-controlled items

Maintaining a cold chain across long distances is tricky. Learn where bottlenecks could appear.

Tips to source medical supplies locally

Many commercially available drugs and supplies can be acquired locally instead of imported. Learn what are the advantages.

An insider’s view on current trends

The past two years have brought radical changes around the world. Find out how COVID-19 has affected Russian logistic procedures.