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Dokumeds CRO has a golden track record of meeting recruitment targets for our sponsors.
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Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment in clinical trials can be one of the biggest bottlenecks, and on-time recruitment is a critical factor in meeting timelines. Finding eligible patients at the right time is becoming more and more challenging and more and more trials are being delayed or cancelled as a result.

Dokumeds’ specialist focus on feasibility and our dedicated approach to enrollment management ensures patient recruitment success every time. We hit all of our clinical trials' patient recruitment targets because of the thorough development of a recruitment strategy. We focus on project, country and site levels as our number one priority well before the first Site Initiation. We identify, mitigate and solve enrollment problems at every stage with effective peer-to-peer communication with sites.

Services List

  • Country and site level feasibility
  • Development and set-up of patient recruitment strategy aimed to meet anticipated enrollment speed
  • Development of recruitment materials, including digital and non-digital advertising options
  • Investigator education focusing on achievement of patient commitment
  • Set-up of patient reimbursement process
  • Enrollment Liaison Manager (ELM) service aimed to improve Investigator's engagement

Dokumeds and partnering sites recruit the right patients at the right time.

We ensure full engagement of the study team throughout the course of the trial. Engaged and motivated investigators will usually meet or exceed their enrollment goal.
Protocol Synopsis
Final Protocol
Contract negotiation
Site Initiations
Recruitment period
Maintain Investigator Communication and Relationship, and Reconfirm Commitments

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Streamline your Trials with Efficient Patient Recruitment

Did you know that over 80% of clinical trials are delayed due to patient enrollment problems? Or that delays can cost up to $8 million per day? 

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